Best Ice Cream Shops in Hua Hin

Bello Dolce Ice Cream

Hua Hin is a famous beachside town only a few hours drive from Bangkok which makes it popular with both local and foreign tourists. Being a beach town and tourist hotspot, there are several ice cream shops to choose from and I made it my mission to visit all of them so I could bring you accurate recommendations for the best ice cream shops in Hua Hin, Thailand.

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Bello Dolce – Delicious ice cream and the awesome option to get your scoops sandwiched between two giant choc chip cookies. We got cookies and cream and it turned out to be a great combination, although it was a bit messy to eat so I’d recommend sitting down.

Bello Dolce Ice Cream Sandwich

They have several locations around town. I ate at both their ‘ice cream tuk tuk’ in the Blueport Mall and the small booth at the airport bus station (the latter didn’t have the ice cream sandwich option).



Eighteen Below Ice Cream

Eighteen Below Ice Cream – Great ice cream with good serving options and a nice shop but at 70b/scoop it’s a little expensive compared to other options. I particularly enjoyed the salted caramel and Nutella choc chip flavours. I usually don’t go for sprinkles and toppings but decided to give the chocolate fudge topping a go for an extra 20b and I was not disappointed!

Eighteen Below Ice Cream Flavours


Honourable mentions;

  • Il Gelato Italian Hua HinIl Gelato Italiano – Good location and nicely decorated shop. Ice cream was good overall but I think they missed the mark on the ‘Nutella’ and ‘Pistachio’ flavours so I’d suggest giving those a miss.
  • M&M Ice-cream Homemade – Nice local place with a very friendly owner. Affordable at 20b/scoop, although the scoops were small. Taste was pretty average overall but the strawberry sherbet was top notch. They also serve fried ice cream which I didn’t see anywhere else in Hua Hin so that’s good if you want something different. It’s close the old railway station so consider stopping by after a visit to the picturesque station.


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Fried Ice Cream Hua Hin

Nick with Bello Dolce

Best Ice Cream Shops in Bangkok

In a city of over 8 million people and intense tropical heat nearly year round, there are of course a lot of ice cream choices. I haven’t had a chance to try as many shops here as I’d like so I’m going to link to a few other good articles covering this topic below. However, I do have a couple of cool spots to mention.

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Guss Damn Good – They have a few different locations and have made a name for themselves with their funky style and brand and, of course, great ice cream. I dropped by their small booth near Lumphini metro station and sampled some of their offerings. All the flavours I tried were yummy and I’ll definitely be back again.

IceDEA BangkokIceDEA – These guys have a great location on the fourth floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). They’re known for the unique and thought provoking ideas (icedeas) they bright to their ice cream with flavours like ‘wasabi’ and ‘steak’ as well as ‘global warming ice cream.’

They’re located just opposite an interesting non-profit called ‘SEA Junction.’ It was in their little free library that I first came across and started reading a book about Thai History which kick started my interest in history and the birth of this website. Check them out if you’re in the area:

“SEA Junction (or fully “Southeast Asia Junction”) aims to foster understanding and appreciation of Southeast Asia in all its realities and socio-cultural dimensions from arts and craft to the economy and development by enhancing public access to knowledge resources and by promoting exchanges among students, specialists and Southeast Asia lovers.”

Mo & Moshi – I haven’t eaten here yet but it’s on my to do list. They serve MASSIVE ice cream sundaes that look amazing. I did go there and have a close look at the menu and you have to realise that these ice creams aren’t cheap. The ‘Chocolate Parfait’ that I had my eye on is 2500 baht (around $100 Australian). It’s big (did I mention that?) and laden with Ferrero Rochers which are pretty expensive to begin with and other good stuff but still, $100 for an ice cream is pretty crazy. Obviously designed for groups but I plan to come and tackle one of these creations solo… wish me luck!

Honourable Mentions;

  • Ben and Jerrys BangkokBen & Jerry’s – I don’t usually like to visit large chain stores but this Ben & Jerry’s in Siam Paragon shopping mall was the very first time I tried the famous brand’s ice cream so I wanted to mention it here. As expected, the ice cream is rich and delicious and they have amazing flavours. The price is pretty high for Thailand though so I’d suggest looking for some more local options to get your fix at a more reasonable price.

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Some other articles on Bangkok ice cream;

Best Ice Cream Shops in Ayutthaya

I expected there to be more ice cream options here and a few looked promising but only one stood out as a nice place with proper, delicious homemade ice cream: A Lovely Table.

Best Ice Cream Ayutthaya

A Lovely Table Ice Cream Flavours

They have a relatively small selection of flavours but most of them were fantastic. I say most because I went back for another round and got a ‘rose’ flavoured scoop in a cone and it wasn’t my taste (not sure exactly what I was expecting though as I’ve never eaten roses). One of my favourites was a ‘cheese + something’ flavour (can’t remember the something). I’ve tried a few different cheese ice creams and they usually miss the mark but this one was great.

The place is nicely decorated, the owner is very friendly and the location is perfect right next to the centre of the historical ruins.


  • Ma Journey Coffee & Ice Cream – nice little cafe with friendly owners but turns out they serve store bought ice cream (although the taste is still good, just not what I was searching for)
  • Satang – a dessert shop focusing on crepes. They had ice cream as well but it was also store bought rather the homemade I was looking for
  • The Summer House Ayutthaya – they did have homemade ice cream which was tasty but you can’t order just the ice cream and only get a small scoop when ordering other desserts. The food was fantastic though, although quite pricey. It’s near the Japanese Village Museum (which I highly recommend) if you decide to head out that way

A Lovely Table Ayutthaya

Best Ice Cream in Lopburi

Yotse SignThere are several shops in Lopburi that Google would have us believe sell ice cream but upon visiting three of them I found they were either permanently closed or didn’t actually have any on offer. Luckily I struck gold with Yotse.

Great ice cream shop with delicious homemade ice cream and a nice presentation with liquid nitrogen ‘smoke’ (note: its not made with liquid nitrogen like some other ice cream shops and is only used in the presentation).

They have a large number of flavours including several based on Thai and Asian fruits that I hadn’t tried before. It was a bit of a challenge getting translations of them all as the staff didn’t speak much English but they were very patient with me and gave lots of samples until I decided what I wanted.

Yotse Ice Cream Lopburi

Nearby Historical Sites

Yotse is a little bit far from the main sights but here are three in the area that you can check out on the way;

  • King Narai the Great Monument
  • Pratu Chai
  • Wat San Paolo – ruins of a Portuguese Catholic church which had an observatory

Check out our guide to the best historical sites in Lopburi for more info.

Yotse Shopfront

Best Ice Cream in Sukhothai

The most notable ice cream shop in Sukhothai is called ‘Sweet Rice Cafe’ and it’s a short bike ride from the Sukhothai Historical Park.

They have a whole array of desserts, sweet treats and drinks but I was here for the ice cream so that’s what I focused on with the addition of a pot of tea to wash it all down. All the flavours I tried were good and my favourite was the durian ice cream with sticky rice.

Tea & Ice Cream

Durian Ice Cream & Sticky Rice

The restaurant is very nicely decorated with nice gardens and a little fish pond and water feature that I sat next to. Staff were friendly and service was good.

To get there I recommend taking a bicycle along the bike track that runs parallel to the main road. It’s a very quiet small road with a few temples to check out along the way as well as some nice scenery. I did see several dead snakes along the track and one small live one so watch out for snakes.

Sukhothai Ice Cream

Sweet Rice Cafe Sukhothai