Best Ice Cream Shops in Hua Hin

Bello Dolce Ice Cream

Hua Hin is a famous beachside town only a few hours drive from Bangkok which makes it popular with both local and foreign tourists. Being a beach town and tourist hotspot, there are several ice cream shops to choose from and I made it my mission to visit all of them so I could bring you accurate recommendations for the best ice cream shops in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Click here for all the Hua Hin Ice Cream Shops on Google Maps.

Bello Dolce – Delicious ice cream and the awesome option to get your scoops sandwiched between two giant choc chip cookies. We got cookies and cream and it turned out to be a great combination, although it was a bit messy to eat so I’d recommend sitting down.

Bello Dolce Ice Cream Sandwich

They have several locations around town. I ate at both their ‘ice cream tuk tuk’ in the Blueport Mall and the small booth at the airport bus station (the latter didn’t have the ice cream sandwich option).



Eighteen Below Ice Cream

Eighteen Below Ice Cream – Great ice cream with good serving options and a nice shop but at 70b/scoop it’s a little expensive compared to other options. I particularly enjoyed the salted caramel and Nutella choc chip flavours. I usually don’t go for sprinkles and toppings but decided to give the chocolate fudge topping a go for an extra 20b and I was not disappointed!

Eighteen Below Ice Cream Flavours


Honourable mentions;

  • Il Gelato Italian Hua HinIl Gelato Italiano – Good location and nicely decorated shop. Ice cream was good overall but I think they missed the mark on the ‘Nutella’ and ‘Pistachio’ flavours so I’d suggest giving those a miss.
  • M&M Ice-cream Homemade – Nice local place with a very friendly owner. Affordable at 20b/scoop, although the scoops were small. Taste was pretty average overall but the strawberry sherbet was top notch. They also serve fried ice cream which I didn’t see anywhere else in Hua Hin so that’s good if you want something different. It’s close the old railway station so consider stopping by after a visit to the picturesque station.


Click here for all the Hua Hin Ice Cream Shops on Google Maps.


Fried Ice Cream Hua Hin

Nick with Bello Dolce

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