Best Ice Cream Shops in Ayutthaya

I expected there to be more ice cream options here and a few looked promising but only one stood out as a nice place with proper, delicious homemade ice cream: A Lovely Table.

Best Ice Cream Ayutthaya

A Lovely Table Ice Cream Flavours

They have a relatively small selection of flavours but most of them were fantastic. I say most because I went back for another round and got a ‘rose’ flavoured scoop in a cone and it wasn’t my taste (not sure exactly what I was expecting though as I’ve never eaten roses). One of my favourites was a ‘cheese + something’ flavour (can’t remember the something). I’ve tried a few different cheese ice creams and they usually miss the mark but this one was great.

The place is nicely decorated, the owner is very friendly and the location is perfect right next to the centre of the historical ruins.


  • Ma Journey Coffee & Ice Cream – nice little cafe with friendly owners but turns out they serve store bought ice cream (although the taste is still good, just not what I was searching for)
  • Satang – a dessert shop focusing on crepes. They had ice cream as well but it was also store bought rather the homemade I was looking for
  • The Summer House Ayutthaya – they did have homemade ice cream which was tasty but you can’t order just the ice cream and only get a small scoop when ordering other desserts. The food was fantastic though, although quite pricey. It’s near the Japanese Village Museum (which I highly recommend) if you decide to head out that way

A Lovely Table Ayutthaya

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