Best Ice Cream in Sukhothai

The most notable ice cream shop in Sukhothai is called ‘Sweet Rice Cafe’ and it’s a short bike ride from the Sukhothai Historical Park.

They have a whole array of desserts, sweet treats and drinks but I was here for the ice cream so that’s what I focused on with the addition of a pot of tea to wash it all down. All the flavours I tried were good and my favourite was the durian ice cream with sticky rice.

Tea & Ice Cream

Durian Ice Cream & Sticky Rice

The restaurant is very nicely decorated with nice gardens and a little fish pond and water feature that I sat next to. Staff were friendly and service was good.

To get there I recommend taking a bicycle along the bike track that runs parallel to the main road. It’s a very quiet small road with a few temples to check out along the way as well as some nice scenery. I did see several dead snakes along the track and one small live one so watch out for snakes.

Sukhothai Ice Cream

Sweet Rice Cafe Sukhothai

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