Best Ice Cream in Lopburi

Yotse SignThere are several shops in Lopburi that Google would have us believe sell ice cream but upon visiting three of them I found they were either permanently closed or didn’t actually have any on offer. Luckily I struck gold with Yotse.

Great ice cream shop with delicious homemade ice cream and a nice presentation with liquid nitrogen ‘smoke’ (note: its not made with liquid nitrogen like some other ice cream shops and is only used in the presentation).

They have a large number of flavours including several based on Thai and Asian fruits that I hadn’t tried before. It was a bit of a challenge getting translations of them all as the staff didn’t speak much English but they were very patient with me and gave lots of samples until I decided what I wanted.

Yotse Ice Cream Lopburi

Nearby Historical Sites

Yotse is a little bit far from the main sights but here are three in the area that you can check out on the way;

  • King Narai the Great Monument
  • Pratu Chai
  • Wat San Paolo – ruins of a Portuguese Catholic church which had an observatory

Check out our guide to the best historical sites in Lopburi for more info.

Yotse Shopfront

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